About the Monastery and Guest House

Tucked away in the Himalayas of Nepal's Kingdom, amidst the most scenic area, there lies a Buddhist Monastery Guest-house in the most peaceful location alongside Neydo Tashi Choeling Monastery, just 22km or less than an hour's drive from the heart of hectic Kathmandu. It is located in the southwest corner of the Kathmandu Valley close to Pharping.

It is an ideal place to simply relax and unwind all hustle and tussle of mundane life and an easy get-away for a short break, as you may also indulge in meditation, or even study Buddhism or follow a day in life of the monastics.

The Neydo Monastery is purposely situated close to the Asura Cave where Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche, as he is known affectionately, meditated and achieved the highest realization. "There is energy which really helps our meditation practice," says Dechen, the daughter of the monastery's founder, Karma Chagmé Rinpoche.

Almost 200 monks live and study here and if you wish you may eat alongside them, participate in their practice, and gain insight of their monastic life.

Neydo Monastery Guest House is situated in one of the most intriguing places where you still can stay in the Kathmandu Valley with peaceful natural surroundings and home to many significant religious sites of the great siddhas. Here, with 23 comfortable rooms, delicious healthy food made by an excellent chef, you are bound to leave behind all the problems at work and home.

The Neydo Tashi Choeling Monastery is young, and a correspondingly vibrant place with around 200 monks in residence.

The present Karma Charmé is the seventh reincarnate lama of in the unique Neydo Kagyu tradition, which also follows the Nyingma lineage Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery was founded in exile under his vision to ensure the continuity of this unique Buddhist lineage.

The monastery is renowned for its huge Amitabha Buddha statue and it’s profound practice, and incidentally happens to be the biggest Amitabha in Nepal, which is flanked left and right by statues of Avaloketesvara, the Buddha of Compassion and Vajrapani, the protector and holder of the sacred teachings of Buddha.

Your stay at our Guest House is greatly valued as it contributes to the day-to-day expenditure of the monastery and provides a living for the 200 monks living here. We wish to thank you for being part of the future of Neydo Monastery!

More information can be found on the Neydo Foundation’s website, neydo.org


Six years ago (2006) saw the start of construction of the Neydo Monastery. It was built for the preservation of the Neydo Tradition, which has the unique tradition of the union of Mahamundra and Dzogchen practice.  It was built with the generous financial and moral support received from many well-wishers, friends and supporters of the Neydo Tradition.

Over one hundred monks from different monastic institutions in India and Nepal, and over a thousand lay people from different parts of the world attended the opening ceremony.

In order to preserve the unique Neydo tradition for future generations, various ritual offerings, prayers and so forth are taught to about two hundred monks at the monastery. Furthermore, courses are being given on Tibetan literature, and Buddhist philosophy and ethics since the monastery’s inauguration.